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Premier League Kit ranking 2021/22!

The Premier League season kicks off on Friday night as new boys Brentford entertain Arsenal. Fans will be getting ready by dusting off their favourite shirt, or quite possibly donning a brand new design.

Kits are big business, especially in the Premier League, where it is estimated that manufacturers spend half a billion pounds licensing the manufacturing deals from the clubs. Each year teams wheel out new designs in a ploy to get fans to part with their cash.

Here we review each of the new kits. Underdog founder Ged will be providing the cynical, grizzled outlook, whilst our social media guru Arjun gives his outlook from a much younger and fashion-savvy point of view.

Arsenal Home

Ged’s verdict “Arsenal have definitely been better in the fashion stakes than they have on the pitch. This year’s effort is another belter. Adidas do a great job of embracing the early 90’s period when they provided the Gunners’ kits but giving them a contemporary spin. This is stripped back and clean, almost a touch of Ajax about it.” 9/10

Arjun’s verdict "Inspired by the boom in the vintage football shirt market, Arsenal have definitely scored big as their home kit for 2021/22 season integrates a glorious mid 1990s vibe with its iconic white accents which venture on the body of the kit." 8/10

Arsenal Away

Ged: “This is a stone wall classic. Arsenal should always have a yellow away kit. From the Charlie George FA Cup winning shirt to the ‘bruised banana’ kit of the 90s, the yellow and blue is always a hit. The addition of the stripped back cannon badge is another great touch.” 9/10

Arjun: “Arsenal have unveiled a lovely 70s retro feel to the yellow away jersey. The current badge is replaced by the famous single cannon, which first honoured the Arsenal shirt at the start of the 1921/22 season, a brilliant touch of history.” 9/10

Aston Villa Home

Ged: “A solid if unspectacular effort. Let’s face it, Villa were always going to look a lot less stylish without Grealish in the ranks. Multiple use of the Kappa motif alongside a large sponsor's logo makes the whole thing look a bit busy.” 6/10

Arjun: “There is only so much you can do with claret and blue, but Villa still manage to pull it off! The kit features a double round neck and contrasted collar along with the Villa crest, as well as the club's iconic lion display. I am sure this will look great on new signings Ashley Young, Danny Ings, Leon Bailey and Emiliano Buendia.” 7/10

Aston Villa Away

Ged: “The away kit has a bit more about it, the tiny touches of blue alongside the claret look classy on the white shirt. It still suffers from being a bit crowded like the home kit though.” 7/10

Arjun: “Aston Villa have certainly pulled this one out of the bag, inspired by the 40th anniversary of the club winning the most sought-after European trophy in an unforgettable 1-0 win over Bayern Munich in 1982.” 7/10

Brentford Home

Ged: “Hard to dislike a red and white striped number. I think a black collar would have set it off perfectly. Once again the sponsor logo is a bit intrusive but the Bees will look the part in their first Premier League outing.” 8/10

Arjun:“In Brentford’s first ever season in the Premier League, The Bees kick off their campaign in a traditional red and white stripe kit along with a sleek full colour woven Brentford crest and the iconic Brentford bee on the back of the neck. A solid jersey for the Bees.” 7/10

Brentford Away

Ged: “Pretty uninspired, it lacks the charm of the similarly colored Arsenal kit. Looks a bit too much like a training kit for me.” 5/10

Arjun: “The Bees will intend to cause a sting in the upcoming season with a 'buttercup' yellow shirt, which definitely stands out as the real winner here. with a woven crest and savvy V neckline adding to an eye-catching look, the west London club are set to cause a stir for their first Premier League season.” 7/10

Brighton Home

Ged: “Solid gold. Last year’s home kit was the best kit in the league and this one is right up there as well. No messing about, just striking blue with a flash of dark yellow. The sleeve sponsor doesn’t work particularly well which stops it getting top marks.” 9/10

Arjun: “Brighton will grace the 2021/22 season with their traditional blue and white stripes that mark 10 years at the American Express Community Stadium. Potentially, Brighton could have added more swaz to their kit, but there’s only so much you can do with blue and white stripes.” 6/10

Brighton Away

Ged: “Another decent effort, has a seaside feel to it. Although the colour is probably closer to the sea in Barbados than the water in Brighton. I can see it being a hit with Seagulls fans but definite minus points for the sleeve sponsor again.” 7/10

Arjun: “The Seagulls have scored a cracker with their new stylish turquoise away kit. The new Nike design sets apart this kit from any other kit out there. What a beauty!” 9/10

Burnley Home

Ged: “A strong as a Sean Dyche team talk! The body of the shirt is a simple, solid claret but the pattern of the sleeves catches the eye, with more than a touch of the 90s about it. Which is never a bad thing in my book.” 7/10

Arjun: “Burnley have added a twist to their traditional claret and blue home shirt with new snazzy graphic sleeves. The classic design is a real prize for the Claret supporters.” 7/10

Chelsea Home

Ged: “Not for me this one. The texture looks like a level from Sonic the Hedgehog. The 3 logo has a pattern within it that clashes with the shirt too. All of which makes it a bit confusing next to the retro club badge. Hard pass.” 3/10

Arjun: “Chelsea might need to reconsider the kaleidoscopic design for the 2022/23 season, this might be because I am a passionate Liverpool fan or because I’m a huge fan in keeping a classic look to football shirts. Let’s just hope its abstract design doesn’t daze Timo Werner in front of goal." 2/10

Chelsea Away

Ged: “This is a diamond. Clearly I’m a sucker for yellow and blue away kits. It’s so much less noisy than the home kit. Like N'golo Kante, it’s unfussy but works hard.” 8/10

Arjun: “Chelsea return to a yellow shirt for their away kit this season. The horizontal lines compliment the jersey giving a very vintage look. Nike have pulled this one out of the bag and describe this as “marking a new era of youthful energy taking over the club." 8/10

Crystal Palace Home

Ged: “Being a Charlton fan, I’m loathed to give Palace too much praise. But this is a great take on the blue and red stripes. The two different shades of blue in diagonal stripes is a distinctive look. The oversized bookie logo knocks it down a few points.” 8/10

Arjun: “Crystal Palace have released a spectacular kit here; the home kit acknowledges the club's historic association as diagonal red and blue stripes cut across the front of the shirt which make Palace a worthy contender of being in the top six of these rankings.” 8/10

Crystal Palace Away

Ged: “Another really good effort. Yes, it’s yellow. The sponsor’s branding doesn’t look quite so imposing because of the colour of the writing, even if the design isn’t quite as inventive as the home shirt.” 7/10

Arjun: “Palace first sported yellow away kits in the 1960s and once again pay tribute to its historic rise as to the Premier League, as a yellow kit will grace our screens again. A solid effort with a classy touch.” 7/10

Everton Home

Ged: “I love Hummel kits. They’re doing a great line in shirts right now. This is another really nice design. Two-tone Royal Mersey blue with a touch of yellow trim is a great look. Hummel’s trademark ‘v’ pattern down the sleeves sets it off perfectly.” 8/10

Arjun: “Everton's 2021/22 hummel home kit is inspired its city’s links to painting naval ships with the inventive and bold livery during the First World War. A lovely gesture along with a two-tone patterned blue shirt.” 8/10

Everton Away

Ged: “This one is inspired by the club’s earliest kit and I think you can see why they changed to blue. I think it’ll work better on the terrace than it will on the pitch. Just too dark.” 5/10

Arjun: "Everton’s away kit is stunning, and that’s coming from a Liverpool fan! The black shirt with statement burnt orange sash nods to Everton’s past, inspired by the Toffees of 1881/82 - a side that came to be nicknamed 'The Black Watch'.” 8/10

Leeds Home

Ged: “Leeds’ style of football is always stylish and with an Adidas kit deal, they should look the part too. However, I’m not feeling the yellow on this one, which makes me think of a highlighter pen. Last year’s effort was much more attractive.” 6/10

Arjun: “Bielsa’s men have snapped up a snazzy new home shirt to accompany their ‘Underdog’ mentality. Adidas have kept it clean and simple ready to cause a stir in their opening game against Man United.” 6.5/10

Leeds Away

Ged: “Much more to like on this one. The camouflage print in two shades of blue adds loads of depth and having everything else including sponsors and the club crest makes everything stand out.” 8/10

Arjun: “Although fans awaited the return of the yellow away kit for this season – Adidas have embraced a tonal camo-style design and subtle white details add extra style points. An absolute belter in my opinion.” 8/10

Leicester Home

Ged: “The FA Cup winners looked the part on the pitch last year and this shirt is a really strong one. I don’t usually like gold trim but it works really well here (looks like a nod back to the Matt Elliot era). The pattern on the blue with the Adidas stripes works really well but the massive dragon on the sleeve is a definite negative.” 9/10

Arjun: “Leicester start their campaign with its traditional blue shirts and will be accompanied by white shorts and blue socks. For the former champions, its spotty design and huge FBS logo do not complement each other so should we be expecting a kaleidoscopic design for next season, inspired by Chelsea?” 6/10

Leicester Away

Ged: “I’m not feeling this one. The pattern and choice of colours all feel a little bit odd. The dragon doesn’t look any better either.” 4/10

Arjun: “The Foxes new away kit features a mint green shirt, with contrasting shaded squares in a checked pattern and navy-blue features. Not as exciting as a Leicester City on a counterattack but its mint green shirt sets Leicester aside from the rest.” 6/10

Liverpool Home

Ged: “Nike’s second season as Liverpool’s kit provider is a step backwards for me. Although let’s face it, I’m not the target market. The stylised crest looks great and I can live with the pinky-red pattern but not sure on the black half-collar.” 5/10

Arjun: “The reds home shirt is a touch of class with crisp diagonal lines across the kit. The home jersey nods to when the first full red kit was introduced in 1964. Inspired by Bill Shankly, the change to red kits were to give the red men a psychological edge as this represents power. 57 years on, I doubt we will see a change.” 8/10

Liverpool Away

Ged: “The ecru colour is a bit of a throwback to some of the Steve McManaman era shirts. Looks too much like a polo shirt for my liking.” 6/10

Arjun: “Liverpool have scored a beauty with their away kit! Inspired by their 1996-97 season with its off-white stone and teal colours - I wouldn’t be surprised seeing fans showing off this piece around town.” 9/10

Man City Home

Ged: “Another in the ‘solid if unspectacular’ bracket. I like the pattern on the sky blue but the panel down the side looks a bit out of place plus the lack of a collar makes it feel like something you’d buy in Zara rather than the club shop.” 7/10

Arjun: “The premier league champions have released their new home kit, which is inspired by Sergio Aguero's iconic 93:20 goal from the incredible 2011/12 season. City have kept it simple, like a lot of teams this season and it has well and truly paid off.” 7/10

Man City Away

Ged: “I love the purple to blue gradient on the badge and writing. Strangely, the lack of a collar doesn’t seem to bother me here. 8/10

Arjun: “The champions will be rocking their away kit in style, the crisp white kit with a hint of purple and pink is a lovely addition from Puma. This away kit is definitely in the running for champions league qualification.” 8.5/10

Man Utd Home

Ged: “This is an outstanding effort. The retro vibe definitely appeals to me and Bryan Robson in his prime wouldn’t look out of place in it. This is United’s first season with new sponsor Team Viewer and the logo does jar a bit, perhaps Sharp would have a better option.” 9/10

Arjun: “The Red Devils have taken inspiration from the 60s with their new adidas home kit. A kit George Best would be proud of. This retro shirt will be snapped up by United fans in no time, most likely with the arrival of Jadon Sancho’s name and number on the back.” 9/10

Man Utd Away

Ged: “I think this will be a massive success. The colour scheme is inspired by the ‘Rumbelows Cup’ winning shirt in 1992 which will appeal to fans of a certain vintage, whilst the bold design will keep the kids interested.” 9/10

Arjun: “This season’s kit is a recreation of the iconic 'snowflake' jersey of 1990-92 - one of the most popular kits in the club's history. Personally, United have played it safe with this one, taking inspiration from old kits is nothing new this season.” 8/10

Newcastle Home

Ged: “Castore’s first product for Newcastle. It lacks the style of their leisurewear products. Black and white stripes should be such an easy thing to get right, but trying to create anything that isn’t ruined by that hideous sponsor logo is going to be difficult. The collar isn’t especially easy on the eye either.” 2/10

Arjun: “The Magpies have switched to Castore as their kit supplier, and reference the famous jersey worn during the 'Entertainers' era of the mid-1990s. The kit features a classic retro-inspired black and white shirt; complimented by the club's famous crest. A simple design from Castore’s first Newcastle kit.” 4/10

Newcastle Away

Ged: “I like the textured design on the shirt. It’s a bit difficult to see how having another black shirt avoids a clash when their home kit is 80% black though. Not sure on the gold and there’s nothing ‘Fun’ about the sponsor’s branding.” 4/10

Arjun: “The away kit is a beauty! Black, grey and gold work together to create a powerhouse of an away shirt.” 8/10

Norwich Home

Ged: “Norwich managed to turn around a gaff with a controversial sponsor (BK8 were criticised for using overly sexualised advertising) into a good PR story by recruiting Lotus, the Norfolk based car manufacturer to become their front of shirt partner, which went down much better with the fans. The shirt itself is a little uninspired, the pattern on the sleeves is allegedly inspired by a Canary’s wings, but this needed to be pointed out to me.” 4/10

Arjun: “Norwich reveal their new Joma home kit on their return to the Premier League with a smart, crisp look. A simple look which highlights Norwich City as well as though core values which have been Woven into the collar of the shirt are the club's six values - growth, integrity, belonging, resilience, pride and commitment. A touch of class from Joma.” 6/10

Norwich Away

Ged: “Black and turquoise is the look for the away kit. I like the changing of the colour on the club badge to match the rest of the kit. It wouldn’t look out of place in the movie Tron though, and I can’t figure out if that’s a good thing or not.” 6/10

Arjun: “Norwich's away shirt takes inspiration from the wings of the canary with a classy but futuristic look, featuring a classy V-neck collar and a turquoise stripe detailing down the length of the body. This away strip is a real winner.” 7/10

Saints Home

Ged: “Another gem from Hummel. The shirt takes inspiration from the last shirt worn at The Dell and the use of the Hummel ‘v’ pattern is more than a nod to the 1980s when the brand last produced Saints kits. The sponsor logo is a bit too big (this is becoming a theme), the kids version with an alternate sponsor is close to perfect.” 8.5/10

Arjun: “Southampton's new home strip sees the return of their traditional red and white stripes. But the highlight of this shirt comes in the form of digital technology – The home kit is a world-first, featuring Augmented Reality technology within a football shirt. That means fans can scan with their smartphones to bring the shirt to life and gain access to exclusive content. This brings marketing to a whole new level!” 8/10

Saints Away

Ged: “Continuing with themes, yet another yellow and blue away kit. It’s another smart effort and again takes inspiration from yesteryear. This one apparently from the 1991-1993 away shirt. Like Arsenal’s kits though it does put a modern spin on the vintage designs.” 8/10

Arjun: “The saints have gone classic with their away kit, a blast from the past sees the saints start their new campaign in yellow and blue, an average kit but miles behind their black and red third kit!” 6/10

Spurs Home

Ged: “Lots to like here. Ultra stripped back. Plain white with a raised, almost basketweave pattern. This works really well with the blue crest and Nike swoosh. Really classy shirt, set off with navy shorts and socks. The use of Harry Kane in promotional shots might be a tad optimistic!” 9/10

Arjun: “Tottenham have been very “creative” in coming up with designs for their new home kit, a simple look, but sometimes simplicity is key. A sleek white look is a classic for spurs, let’s see who will be wearing the Number 9.” 8/10

Spurs Away

Ged: “It looks like something you’d see through a telescope. It’s less ‘out of this world’ and more ‘on another planet.’ I could live with it if it was a keeper kit but it’ll be tricky watching 10 outfield players wearing it.” 5/10

Arjun: “Spurs have taken a journey into deep space as this kit is definitely different! However, I am a fan, a very unique kit that we have never seen before. I can confidently say that I highly doubt I will be seeing this shirt in a pub.” 7/10

Watford Home

Ged: “I admire the ambition of the stripes, which have a proper hornets feel to them. The sting in the tail, once again, is an intrusive sponsor’s logo.” 6/10

Arjun: “Watford have clearly taken inspiration from Borussia Dortmund’s previous kits, which in my opinion is a mistake. In the battle of this season’s kits, it looks like Watford are fighting relegation.” 3/10

Watford Away

Ged: “The same logo looks a tad less obnoxious in white but is still miles too big. Watford has used red in the past and it’s worked but this one feels a bit too much like a Sunday League kit, which isn’t ideal for their return to the big time.” 5/10

Arjun: “It seems Watford have taken inspiration from the Belgium national football team with this away strip. Watford last represented the red away kit during the 2017/18 season when finishing in 14th place in the Premier League, and they will be hoping for a better run in the same colours.” 5/10

West Ham Home

Ged: “Neat and tidy shirt. I like the use of the same pattern on the trim as on the collar. It’s hard to be inventive with claret blue but I think Umbro has done a good job with this.” 7.5/10

Arjun: “West Ham nod to a club legend, Paolo Di Canio as the home strip possesses a classy retro look. A sleek strip, set for the start of the Premier League and Europe.” 7/10

West Ham Away

Ged: “I don’t remember seeing blue and white stripes on a West Ham away kit before, it’s a nice touch. Changing the crest into claret works well, as does the claret trim. Solid effort.” 8/10

Arjun: “West Ham’s away kit gives out a retro Argentinian feel as the sky-blue and white stripes cover the shirt. I huge fan of the inspiration coming from their 1992 away strip.” 7.5/10

Wolves Home

Ged: “This is the last time I’ll say this, because this is the last kit we’re reviewing. Stop making the logos so big! Wolves gold and black shirts are iconic but I fail to believe slapping a logo that big is going to enamour too many of the Molineux faithful to the brand. The kit itself looks a bit cheap to say it’s manufactured by a premium sportswear company.” 4/10

Arjun: “Wolves have scored a sleek home strip, a classic look with its traditional colours for the start of the season. A very safe decision from Castore as their new principal kit sponsor.” 5/10

Wolves Away

Ged: “Obviously it suffers from the same problem as the home kit in terms of branding. I like the fleck design in black, grey and gold. Could have been a stylish number.” 6/10

Arjun: “The Midlands club have a flamboyant away strip with a lot going on with tonal greys and blacks combining with flecks of gold through an aggressive pattern, mirroring Adama Traoré running down the wing.” 6/10



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