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5 Good Sports Business Stories from the Last Seven Days of Lockdown

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

There may still be no, live sport but here's 5 good things from the last 7 days of lockdown.

🐝Cricket hasn't had much to cheer about, particularly with the postponement of The Hundred. But Kookaburra Sport Pty Limited has looked to overcome one potential hurdle by manufacturing a wax to shine the ball. At the moment, saliva is the preferred method, which obviously presents a risk. It might just be PR but you've got to admire their creativity and speed.

🌹Umbro announced a return to rugby with their partnership to supply England Rugby kits. Growing up in the 90's I have many fond memories of the brand and would love to see them supply my beloved Wales team.

👕Sticking with kit news, Castore Sportswear has partnered with Rangers Football Club. The brand founded by Thomas Beahon and Philip Beahon is making waves in the industry, adding the Ibrox club to its partnership with Andy Murray.

🏌🏻‍♂️Golf courses in Ireland are set to reopen later this month, after getting the green-light from the Taoiseach.

🏉Rugby League received a £16m bail out loan from the government. Far from being an answer to all the problems, but the RFL has done a fine job in showing politicians the key role that the sport plays in communities.

🇩🇪PLUS a bonus one! The Bundesliga is set to return behind closed doors on 15th May. Being the first major league to return to action poses a big opportunity for the competition. Likewise, BT Sport (as the UK broadcaster) has a chance to introduce a football starved audience to German soccer. Whether or not it can hold audience as sport returns will be very interesting. As a student, I lived in Germany for a year and will now keep a keen eye on VFL Wolfsburg.



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