Premier League Kits Ranked! The Top Ten!

Updated: Sep 10

Time to get into the hall of famers by looking at the kits that should be competing for honours regardless of their teams. If you missed the bottom half, including some absolute shockers, you can see them here.

10. Sheffield United - Last season's over-achievers have a pretty smart number for the new season. The red and white stripes with black trim is a classic look. The Blades would look even sharper if it weren't for the strange collar that Adidas have introduced this term. Likewise the sponsor clashes with the colours.

Sheffield United's sharp new look is blunted by a dud collar.

9. Crystal Palace - The Eagles lacked cutting edge after the lockdown-induced break but they'll at least be looking trim for the new season. Making red and blue stripes look new each year must be a tricky task but Puma has done a fine job with this one.

Crystal Palace with a contemporary twist on their usual stripes.

8. Leeds United - The last time Leeds were in the Premier League, 'to google' wasn't even in the dictionary, Lance Armstrong was still a hero and betting advertising wasn't allowed on sports kits. Guess which one of those things has ruined this otherwise glorious kit?

Leeds celebrate a return to the top flight in this white shirt.

7. Chelsea - Generally a very smart new livery for Chelsea but the round neck and dark blue trim make it feel more like a training kit. There's something about the new sponsor's logo that grates a bit too. Maybe because it's a number on the front?

3 is the magic number for Chelsea and their new lead sponsor.

6. Man Utd - The Red Devils kits have been easier on the eye than the football has been in the Adidas era. There are signs that on-pitch matters are picking up and the likes of Rashford, Greenwood, Fernandes and co will look the part in this.

Man Utd are sporting another smart kit this year and might just have the football to back it up.

5. Liverpool - Nike took over as Liverpool's kit supplier and their first effort is a more than solid effort. A teal trim is added to the classic all red. They also launched it with a brilliant video that showed how much Nike 'get' what it means to make the kit.

4. Manchester City - Into the Champions League spots now, and Pep will be hoping this year's kit gives them more luck in that competition than last season's. Either way we like it. Perhaps it's because we're longing for a holiday and Man City's shirt looks a bit like the bottom of a swimming pool. But daydreaming aside, it's a really smart shirt, a modern take on the sky blue.

Man City are sporting a kind of swimming pool mosaic, which is no bad thing.

3. Fulham - even the most ardent of Fulham fans wouldn't be expecting a top three finish, but that's where they are in the kit league. A really classy white and black number marks their return to the Premier League. For some reason, the Adidas collar that we didn't like on Sheffield United and Leicester's kits doesn't look out of place here.

Fulham make a stylish return to the top flight

2. Everton - Another of the clubs to see a massive boost in sales since moving away from a betting sponsor. But that might also have something to do with the fact that it's a stone-cold stunner. Hummel opt for a diagonal texture on the shirt which takes us back to the 80's when the company was a household name in football. Likewise, the trademarked V-pattern down the sleeves looks outstanding. An instant classic.

Everton's 80's inspired shirt takes us back to an era when the Toffees were giants of the top flight.

1. Brighton and Hove Albion - Wow Brighton. Just Wow. A super-simplistic, ultra-stylish, pinstriped shirt for the Seagulls. Proof if it were needed that it's much better when Nike make bespoke kits rather than just wheeling out templates. Whilst it's unlikely to see the team at the top of the league, it'd be a welcome return to normality to see the seafront awash with this classic.

We had to pick on of the smaller teams didn't we? We are the Underdogs after all.

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